Darkus is the 'devil' of Beholders. He is the brother of Galax.


When Darkus was created, the Great Cat named him Tilon.  One day, Tilon and Galax asked to make the world and they got permission. Tilon was excited but then, he only got to create the darkness. Galax ignored him, too. He didn't put up a fight but his anger festered inside of him for many years. Finally it was too much for him and he himself became darkness. Tilon changed his name to Darkus and murdered his creator, The Great Cat. When Galax found her creator and mentor dead, she attacked Darkus. They fought long and hard, but he was eventually overpowered and forced down into the earth. Darkus waited long  and hard, and once Galax created her followers, Darkus managed to seep into one of their souls. This follower who was overpowered by Darkus's influence was named Leon, but soon, like Darkus, changed  his name to Hadeous when he had a change of heart. Darkus ordered Hateous to set him free of his prison once he had full control. Hadeous dug and dug but he would never reach Darkus. Darkus has realized this, and Hadeous to this day is gathering more and more followers to rise Darkus and fight Galax's beholders.


  • He is made completely of shadows.