Galax is the 'god' of beholders. She is the sister of Darkus.


Galax and Tilon were made by the great cat. They asked to create the world, and Great Cat said they may. Galax created the sun, stars, and moon. Tilon made the darkness. Galax admittedly ignored him, she only payed attention to the new cats she had created. Tilon grew jealous and eventually darkness took his spirit. He changed his name to Darkus and challenged The Great Cat. Great Cat fought bravely but eventually was overpowered. When Galax found that her mentor and creator was dead, she attacked Darkus. They battled for many days and finally she buried Darkus many miles underground. She then created the beholders to follow her and to help when Darkus came back.


  • The cats believe that the sun and moon are her two beautiful eyes.
  • She is made completely of stars.