Prolouge Summary Edit

The cats of an unknown territory are heading to Flowing Creek territory. Beezus starts to kit and everyone is confused because they have no healer. Bezus has two kits at once and dies from blood loss.

Story SummaryEdit

Many Moons Later...

One of Beezus's kits, Phalen, runs into Rozela, her foster mother. She askes about Phalen's brother Tyro and Phalen says he still has his heart set on being a blacksmith. Rozela asks about Fizzle, another foster kit of her's, and Phalen replies she is torn between being a hunter or a healer.

Viewpoint Changes to Frost.

Frost is in a competition against Thorn. Who can catch the most prey, and therefore win over Shard? Frrost is upset but she's sure she'll win, as she is a hunter and Thorn is a Guard/Mage. Thorn tosses half the prey in the river while Frost gets a thrush, and subsequently Frost loses. She goes to talk to Phalen and help her gather herbs. When Frost brings the herbs back to camp, she sees Thorn eating with Shard and she feels a pang of sadness and anger. They see Fizzle and Frost says hello.

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